Hi, I’m Ionie

A visionary, tenacious and energetic media specialist and author who enjoys bringing stories of media, trailblazers, and history makers to life in a visionary and creative style that informs and inspires.

Ionie Benjamin author of groundbreaking media history book, Black Press in Britain

Early on

I specialise in magazine, newspaper and broadcast journalism and I am fascinated by the capability to bring to life extraordinary and amazing stories which shine the spotlight on the issues that need a voice. From early on, I fell in love with the idea of researching, interviewing and creating those untold stories and productions that are inspiring and making a positive difference. So far I have produced a groundbreaking media history book, contributed content across multimedia platforms such as BBC, Virgin Media, Voice Newspaper and continue to seek new opportunities to progress.


I am currently developing a series of multimedia projects and working towards collaborating with communities, individuals and groups that encourage creativity, socio-economic inclusion and development. As a post-graduate who has studied journalism, broadcasting and publishing I make sure that I continue refreshing my skills. These include editing, producing, videography, research and content development the past few years and I’m still learning every day. I am building my media heritage projects as well as working on transcribing an extensive collection of interviews.